The ways a cat can travel with you

All the way from Cambodia, to a one year life in China and a short travel to France and final arrival in Germany by ; plane, taxi, carpooling, car, train, bus, bicycle, backpacking, walking, Airbnb, hotel, Workaway and Couchsurfing. My cat has done it all.

I want to show you, that although it seems impossible to travel with a pet cross-countries or international, it’s possible.

By plane


From Siem Reap, Cambodia to Beijing, China, my cat flew in cargo of Vietnam airlines. The cost were around 65 Euros and straight forward.

There he is in the little cat box that was carefully inserted into the cargo section of the plane

In cabin.

From China with layover in Moscow, Russia to our final destination Paris, France, my cat flew all the way with me in cabin (located under the seat in front of me, or sometimes on my legs while hiding under a blanket). The cat didn’t drink, eat, poop or pee for 24 hours. It did all of it, the second we arrived. With aeroflots, the cost were 65 Euros.


Well, he likes to explore and felt comfi under my blanket. His weight was measured too. Up to 8kg, most pets (dogs and cats can fly in cabin with most airlines).

By Bus

This only happened once in Cambodia. I was told it’s okay to keep him on the leash instead of in  a soft carrier. This caused a little problem for the way back, but was okay. In Europe no bus company allowed me to travel with cat (pet in generals).

He traveled in a mini bus

By train 

In France he traveled with the high speed train (TGV) . Therefore, I had to buy him a seperat ticket for 6 euros. On the way back from Paris to Germany, we traveled with the German train (DB) . Pets are free of charge. That accounts again for pets with less then 8kg. In both trains, my cat was treated very well and loved by a young child 🙂

In the Metro

He traveled without any problems in the metro (not allowed in Beijing, China). I preferred to keep him in his soft carrier but had one side open for him to stick his head out.


Little bit less space but carpooling worked out well too. He traveled on my legs again and went out of the car during the breaks. His leash had to be kept on as he wanted to explore the car.


Okay, this one was rather unwated, but possible. Short version is that my suitcase was put into a freezer section of a frozen vegetable delivery truck and my cat and I delivered one portion of vegetable to a local grocery store. Then we were dropped of at a train station. Kitten and me drove in the front.


 First time I had him in the bicycle was when he jumped out of it and I crashed into a car. Therefore, I prefer to bike with him when he is wearing a leash. When he gets too excited, he wants to jump out of the basket. Then I just keep his leash a little bit more tight. He really enjoys it.

Here is also a video of him in the bike 🙂

Backpacks etc. 

Just to give some ideas of how to carry your cat if its not walking or scared.



He and I enjoyed two times airbnb as a cost effective alternative to hotels that would allow cats. Worked out well.



It was possible for the normal price in Vietnam during layover. I always make sure to carry his litter box, cat litter and food for long rests. Yes, it’s (very) heavy but works .


This one makes me smile, but also couchsurfing is possible with cat.



and lastly… I volunteer(ed) with him in France and Germany in exchange for accomodation

and that is it I guess 🙂 I you have questions or need advice, feel free to comment. Happy to help out and happy that we are nearly settled for a while too.