Social Constructs

Living in such a way that one cannot fully embrace themselves, their wishes, their desires, their believes and dreams supports a society less healthy, therfore unsustainable by design.

Whats a social construct?

A social contruct can be referred to as anything that is created by society, those could be particular meanings given to a certain product or practices up to “how we do things”. I also refer to them as “informal societal laws” , laws that do not exist such as in the court room, but laws or interpretations of things and actions shaped over years and even centuries.

Why do social constructs matter for sustainability?

They influence our every day life, starting from how we might be expected to look like, how we should feel or not, how we should evolve as we age, what we should like or not, how we view ourselves or others, what we can and cannot buy, what we can and cannot do. Social constructs may also lay a foundation on how we should behave i.e. not taking public transportation or buying second hand because its “for the poor”. Being too old to change a career (that actually could make us happy) However, many social constructs are outdated; 2nd hand is great, so is public transportation and a change of careeer if it makes happy!

Who creates social constructs?

Society as a whole, different groups and people and of course also any type of businesses, and also media, from Social Media, to advertisment, news outlets, families, friends etc. These may not be exclusive but form social constructs over time similarily. Read more about this in my innovation section -> social construct of technology

Sustainability and the Self

Recently, sustainability has been associated a lot to a green economy, an economy that is CO2 neutral up to CO2 negative. A CO2 neutral economy can happen, if carbon is captured during the production, usetime and end of life of a product. Most efficient are therefore products that are made from biological materials only, like…

Emotions and Assumptions

Often a sentence is said or a statment is made that leads to frustration. Frustration as a “feeling” is of course okay. Likewise frustration can become a barrier if the feeling of it remains, if it is dealt with in silence and is later expressed in ways of anger. Anger then can become expressed in…

Erase your face- a social dimension on sustainability

I am almost 30 years old and when I look into the mirrow, I recognize those small and yet growing wrinkles on my face. They were always there, just very small, but lately I feel they appear in greater depth. And so there are other bodily changes that manifest themselves on my skin. Those are […]

Feel it- Creating sustainable space to feel

Often we tend to design our homes and spaces according to what they should look like as oppose to how we want our homes to feel like. Because of that we feel less connected to the materials, and possibly the space we use. Changing that and using materials to last, can have a positve benefit to how well you feel at home, but also helps to encourage the production of materials that are more sustianble.