Bamboo a green building material and trade opportunity for Europe and Indonesia

Bamboo provides a unique opportunity to meet European building and consumer demands as steel and timber alternative under the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Priorities. Throughout my five months stay in Indonesia, I was able to receive in-depht insight into the present challanges and opportunities of bamboo for the Indonesian and international market.Continue reading “Bamboo a green building material and trade opportunity for Europe and Indonesia”

How sustainable is bamboo textile?

How sustainable is bamboo textile? To begin with, bamboo truly is a fast growing resource, which has turned it into a favorable renewable resource. However, being renewable does not imply that it is sustainable in the processed stage such as with (some) bamboo textile. Since there have been debates about bamboo being a sustainable opportunityContinue reading “How sustainable is bamboo textile?”

Enjoying bamboo in Mount Halimun – Java

Yes, I do absolutely love bamboo, but there is nothing more beautiful than the interaction of entire ecosystems, ranging from a mix of plant and animal species. I think that trees are incredible beautiful and they are incredible versatile, but name me one tree that you can use as quickly and easily as bamboo. FirstContinue reading “Enjoying bamboo in Mount Halimun – Java”