Let’s Talk about Burgers! – Business English Made Easy.

When a student for Business English signs up for my Business English Classes, they tend to expect „The Business-English“. So, for new students it can be a bit confusing to talk about general interests or what comes to mind. Like I mentioned in other posts, my students can talk about what comes to mind, because it makes learning relevant to them and then very fast. Often unexpected conversations occur, and here they get real-life authenticity.

Ok, ok. The title says „Let’s Talk about Burgers“ so whats‘ that got to do with Business-English?

Generally students tend to seperate „Business English“ from other forms of „English“, which means they think there is „one type of grammar and vocabulary“ for Business English and other „grammer and vocabulary“ for non business-English. I’d think that too to be honest, but it is not like that.

One word can be used for different meaning(s) in different contexts

We have solely one set of grammar rules for tenses and sentence structure. It’s universal, which means that if you can talk about your interests correctly in terms of sentence structure and tense, you can also talk about work or other topics correctly too. It’s not seperated, but integrated.

Let’s say you love Burgers and pop into my Business-English class. Naturally you wouldn’t talk about Burgers, because it just doesn’t seem suitable, but I make it suitable for you. I have you describe it and we dive very deep in to the meaning o fit. And I have mentioned, if it has meaning to you, you learn quick and you also don’t forget it.

Ok the burger! Ever looked at one? So what’s it like? You don’t like it? Why don’t you like it? And you like it? What about do you like? You find some conversations centering around when in the -past- burger was eaten so here lots of grammar potential for past tense hops in or future tense – when will you eat it next?  And here question and answers make it into the class room that indeed, you can harmonize for your business meetings

  • When will we meet next? (When will you eat burger next?)
  • The meeting felt tense, today. (The atmosphere in the restaurant felt tense.)
  • Excellent layers on the PowerPoint. (The Burger had many layers).
  • I don’t like the new acquisition. (Oh, you acquired fries in addition to your burger).
  • Send me the invoice immediately. (You were hungry, so you wanted burger immediately.)
  • It’s not suitable to meet a client today, unless the client visits our office. (Adding nutella to a burger seems not suitable, unless you like it of coures).

Curious to be my Business-English student ? Sign up for a free class. I make sure to always help you understand how to use specific interest related vocabulary in your business context. First step; let’s get you there easily.

P.S. I don’t teach grammar rules or vocabulary. In my classes you learn it naturally like your first language.