I offer these (integrated) services


Problem framing

Sustainability has become a bussword these days. Often related to technical innovation. At the same time, there is no single solution, but a range of problems that need unfolding, before a solution can be proposed. I help you unfold yours.

Research & Writing

Theory sounds often great, but putting it into practice does not. I can help you to test ideas and research first before you implement a change. It will have you better understand your needs, flaws, what you need and what you may not need.

Individual Courses

Are you new to sustainability or feel challenged by what it means and how it relates to your field? You can contact me for (a) training course(s). It will be interactive and frustrating. Why frustrating? Because sustainability is too complex, to think too ideal.

Systems Analysis

There will be inevitable changes comming. However, there will also be not. I can help you create an understanding of systems that will and will not affect your operation and therafter present you barriers and opportunities for change (if).

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