Everything connects

It is not possible to think in the perspective of one discipline only. Doing so, we fall risk of limiting problems and thereofore solutions. They are interconnectded and dependent. If we want to produce more sustainable, we have to consume more sustainable. Yet, what does that even mean?  Is bamboo textile more sustainable because it grows fast, or because the process is or not?

How do you know what material is better? It depends on the use case. Leather and its alternatives

If cows had grass fat diets, their dung could offer sustainable solutions for building materials or paper. Currently most don’t.

What Do we want?

Nowadays, we don’t really know. To do, we have to ask critical questions, work with others. There is uncertainty as much as there is certainty. What trends have and will influence business, but also society and the environment? How has that and will affect or not? What values do we stand for and others? Do we all have to have the same, or can there be shared ones and some we disagree. Why yes and why not? These are important questions when we talk about innovation for sustainability. And what about the role of people and how businesses advertise? What society do we want to live in? How can we co-create? How can we engage ourselves and others? What questions do we have to ask? What biases do we hold? How does that influence our work?

What about Public Health? Why are we addicted to buying? What about love and relationships? What cost does that have? What does Trauma mean?

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