Welcome, I offer research, Analysis, and Writing services in the field of business and sustainability. Also, I am a freelance Teacher of context-related business English.


Content writing

Many write to write or to be more competative and thereby make writing too complicated or forget about their uniqueness. Let me write for you. I make difficult topics more easily understandable.

(Qualitative) Research

A good research means not to confirm what you are looking for, but to offer an honest outcome. It also means to value the right to privacy of people being interviewed and their different views. Let me research for you.

Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability can feel overwhelming because it takes into account almost everything. I want to help you narrow it down to your needs and what it can mean and also not. This should ease the stress related to it.

English Teaching

As a former language teacher at Berlitz, I offer freelance English/German teaching services. My focus is on conversation, while you learn vocabulary and grammar automatically. It’s about you, so come as you are.


She’s good at what she does and I recommended her to do marketing for it.


I did not expect that talking about Burgers would turn into a challenging Business English-Class, and fun too!


Lets work together.