Health – be it mentally or physically – plays a huge role in the sustainability agenda – let’s say if we are (un)conciously unhappy and try to compensate that missing happiness with buying or behaviours less healthy. Likewise, if environments and production processes don’t support healthy behaviours to begin with, a change is needed! Often change sucks, its scary, we like to think about it, but we rather prefer not to change. Likewise its possible!

Mental Health

Mental health affects all of us; children, teens, mothers, fathers, supervisors, employees, dancers, accuntants, professors, architects, light and dark skinned people, man, woman, genderneutral etc. . Sometimes we directly feel ill, but sometimes we might not even know, because we are culturally conditioned.

Design Thinking

Did you know that product design plays a huge role in how you decide to engage in certain activities or decide to purchase a specific product? It does! An example is that you are more likely to keep a grand-parents jacket that has been designed to last, as oppose to a fast-fashion seasonal buy to throw away product.

Behaviour Change

Yieks.. Behaviour Change, we all like talking about it, but we better not want to do it. Why is that? Because we form our identity around materials, objects and social connections. That is not bad, but understanding more of it and why we consume or do something to begin with, makes us more open to change.