Business English

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Business English without vocabulary and grammar. Come as you are.

February, 2023


I offer Business and Social English classes without theory, which means that you learn English through conversation and context. Often this helps you to explore words and phrases that are close to you and important, so you learn speaking and interacting in English fast. This differs to textbook English, which often sets an ideal to how to say something, but feels less suitable to you or is difficult to apply in real-life.

In my analytical English classes, I do not set ideals but focus on your personality. It means I help you express yourself how you are in English. The result is a greater level of confidence and well as more effective/authentic interactions with others.

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I offer analytical English classes to companies and individuals who are non-native English speakers and “as” in real life.

What You’ll Learn:

– Use the right grammar without theory
– Express your interests and needs
– Learn wording in an English context

Ann Joest
Language Professional

A few years ago taught Business and Social English at Beriltz Cooperation. Curricular and how to say something, did not always fit my students Now I focus on free conversation, which a focus on individual language goals and the meaning my students give to things.

I’m based near Frankfurt, in Germany and offer online classes or nearby classes. One hour lasts 45 minutes for each 42€.