Burrying emotions or the “truth of what we are feeling and what we stand for” can have various effects such as unhealthy relationships, dissatisfied customers of companies that make false claims (greenwashing and social washing), frustrated employees etc. It ultimately creates confusion within oneself and with others. Likewise being able to understand and manage emotions, promotes to communicate your needs, to understand others and to communicate effectively.

On every emotion being valid

What does happiness have to do with sustainability? Often we are less likely attuned with ourselves / our feelings, what we need and what actually makes us happy. Because of that we buy things or compensate suppressed feelings with behaviours that are ultimately not beneficial like overconsumption. Being more attunned with ourselves and our environment leads us to less likely engage in unsustainable behaviour. -> We thrive and so can our planet. 

Emotions and assumptions

It is easy to make assumptions or believe to “know something” based on past experiences (that’s quite natural to human survival), but sometimes we don’t know for sure and because of that engage in unhealthy beahviours. Again, that could be overconsumption, quitting a job or ending a relationship for the wrong reasons, being sad about something for weeks etc. . To understand and to address what we feel and why, can ultimately help us change a situation and create a new frame to benefit from. And if not, it might be time to change the situation.