System Innovation

Creating a Sustainable System

Many of the materials we are producing and consuming are not made to last, but to be replaced quickly for the production of new products. A consequence is that we are using our resources quicker then they can regenerate (if).

The transition towards a sustainable (or circular) system is embedded by various challenges. Those challenges include unknown problems, a broad range of stakeholders and missing opportunities to make use of. With this website, I offer help in broadening your horizon around sustainable systems and how profitable they can be for the economy , people and our planet.

I am happy to get in touch and explore problems, ideas and therefafter may create an individual system – made to change.


I help analyze the system your institution is operating in and analyzing, which external factors and trands could serve as barrier and opportunity for sustainable growth


Based on the systems analysis, we can develop business models that either help you to create new profit or save costs i.e. by creating value from waste


I can help you plan your business idea by suggesting a timeline with relevant resources and actors to initiate a pilot-project