Feel it – Creating sustainable space to be

Often we tend to design our homes and spaces according to what they should look like as oppose to how we want our homes to feel like. Because of that we feel less connected to the materials, and possibly the space we use. Changing that and using materials to last, can have a positve benefit to how well you feel at home, but also helps to encourage the production of materials that are more sustianble. A triple win for you, th environment and the economy.

Biobased materials are the solution for mitigating Scope 3 emissions

One of the many reasons that make me support bio-based materials, is their untapped potential as circular material. There is no sand or mineral that can transform itself as a result of anerobic digestion processes as ecological and energy efficient then bio-based materials. Transforming bio-based resources has multiple benefits. One of them is the fact … Continue reading Biobased materials are the solution for mitigating Scope 3 emissions


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Hi, I’m Ann, studied and worked in the field of sustainability for more then 9 years and happy to illustrate thoughts an examples that touch on various domains of sustainability.

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