Why selling product sustainability seems fruitless

Sustainability has become a trend. It can be found in now almost every store. Yet, when it comes to purchasing products that are more sustainable, we find consumers who do not do so or they may with the same or similiar consumption cycle. Why is that? Sustainability sets an ideal. The notion is that you […]

You can’t collaborate, if you don’t want to.

Often collaboration has many benefits and if you don’t want to or someone else does not want to, there are several guidelines on how to do it or how to improve collaboration (1). The premise is to make collaboration desirable and also managable. As a result the option of whether collaboration is not wanted or […]

Can we predict the future?

This is one of the chore questions many people ask themselves every day, from company executives, to the individual, to families, to the politicians, lecturers, counterterrorism agencies, movie and novel writer, policy maker, up to the little child and freshly high school graduate as they choose for their study or later on a certain career. […]

Why sustainability fails?

Deep sustainability focuses on a basic need centred approach; that is for example to consume what we need and in doing so living within the means of our environment; so that ideally humans can interact with and within the natural system without harm. That is an ideal, almost as ideal as Garden Eden. Garden Eden […]


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