On the ideals on pregnancy and (mother)hood that no longer hold true.

I wrote this blog in the light of the US Supreme Court ruling on overturning abortion rights. I also write this blog, because I had an abortion myself. In that sense I am biased and in the same sense I understand how important access to abortion and particular safe abortion is. Following I have listed […]

Why does underrepresentation prevent success in the circular economy?

Representation means that different people, different groups, different ways of being are being represented. Representation should move away from ideals. Ideals are for instance ideals on behavior, ideals on what people may like and dislike. How people are and aren’t, should and shouldn’t be. They are dangerous because they illustrate lifestyles that do not hold […]

On bias in adoption

Did you know that almost every day people have sex without being asked about their gender, living situation, income and age? Why not? Because it would be discriminating. And so are many standards on adoption. Why does this matter? I found myself wondering, whether I would consider an adoption. I was single and I thought […]

What could be skill-sets for teaching in sustainability?

As many definitions exist on sustainability, as little clarity there is what it seems to constitue. We could ask “What does it mean to be human these days? And how does being human relate to the environments we live in?” I mention environments, because environments may perceivingly differ between the ecological environments and also the […]


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