Bamboo around the World

For the last years I really got to broaden my horizion with bamboo by travelling to Malaysia, Cambodia, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Since I moved back to Europe I am however very curious to explore the European bamboo market. Because it is still underexplored, I am using this page to share my personal experiences and observations with bamboo.

The picture on the left was a visit at a wonderful EcoVillage in near Kuala Lumpur with  a few design students who were tasked to develop sustainable furniture – made from bamboo. The man on the picture on my left side is Mr. Ramadhan. He is the engineer of the EcoVillage which is fully made of bamboo. I was happy to spend a few days at the EcoVillage to learn about bamboo and herbal medicine, which is being threatened due to large deforestation rates :/