What would happen if public transportation was designed in such a way that we could look outside instead of inside- on our phones ?

This is me and my expertise

There are different factors that contribute to well-being for people and our planet. Most of these factors relate to our basic needs being fullfilled and other factors relate to what we need or desire as society to thrive. My expertise is to analyse and understand complex socio-economic systems and to identify solutions that are benefical to people, planet and the economy. These are not mutually exclusive, they are part of each other.

What I do…


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Paid experiences

Research Associate and Lecturer for Sustainable and Circular Business Models, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
(2020- dato)
Business models are targeted towards different problems, different actors and customers, but most of all the system in which the problems occur and the various actors that need to take part in the problem formulation and solution-finding themselves. My job is to understand and merge these aspects to encourage a sustainability transition.

Trainee, EU & ASEAN Delegation, Jakarta, Indonesia
Performed desk research, analysis and synthesis of douments meant to support policy dialogue between EU, Indonesia and ASEAN on topics such as; Timber Trade, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Biodiversity, Palm oil, Renewable Energy. Supported the development and delivery of memos, events and communication material such as Climate Diplomacy Week (+10 events with more then 1000 participants)

Consultant, All India Plastic Manufacturers Association, Online (August- December, 2020) Developed and conducted two webinars on the topic “Linking Sustainable Development to the Circular Economy” together with the CEO of the sustainability consultancy SustainMantra in India.

Trainee, International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, Beijing, China
(2016 – 2017)
Helped in the development of concept notes and proposals for INBAR work with WWF and supported INBAR field staff in Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar in editing project progress and completion reports related to value chain development and sustainability