Academic researcher in the field of sustainability sciences at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, in Germany.

BBA; MSc Sustainability Sciences and Policy

About annjoest

My expertise is to analyse and understand socio-economic systems and to identify solutions that are benefical to people, planet and the economy, or not. Why not? Because solutions can have rebound effects and sometimes endgoals are too narrow, too ideal. That’s where I am good at; understanding systems, their inderdepencies, and possible rebound effects.

I have a critical nature and enjoy questionning theory. Because of that I have an interest for testing theory by putting it into practice (i.e. through experimentation). It’s important, because innovations tend to fail, since they are often viewed at as too optimistic, too ideal. Think about the ” Not in my Backyard Principle“.

What I am good at

System Analysis




A harsh reality

I don’t know everything. You do neither. Together, we know more. Life is a process, processes tend not to end. Only boundaries set an end to them. We live by ideals, ideals need unfolding.