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My name is Ann-Cathrin and I am very passion about sustainability. Because sustainability is quite the broad subject with various interpretations, it often makes it difficult for companies, individuals and orgnazations to narrow down “sustainability”. And because of that to create change that is either within the companies innovation and resource portfolio, but also to create new products or services that are innovative or even disruptive.

I have 8 years of professional experiences in the field of Sustainable Development and I am happy to help you broaden your ideas around sustainability, to turn it into something profitable for you- the planet – and people.

Academic Background:

Bachelor in Business Administration in Global Project and Change Management with a focus in Sustainable Development at the Windesheim Honours College (NL)

Master in Sustainability Sciences and Policy at Maastricht University (NL)

Professional Background;

Traineeships at NGOs, Intergovernmental Organizations and Governmental Organizations such as The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization in Beijing, China and the EU Delegation to Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and ASEAN in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Volunteer experiences:

United Nations Online Volunteering (online),

Regional expertise:

Europe, USA, North Africa, South-East Asia

What People Say

Thank you for being so resourceful and your out of the box thinking


Bamboo can be what you want it too – Ann has nicely shown that this is true.

Thesis Supervisor

I appreciate your ability to think in systems


Please get in touch for any inquiries and to join my growing bamboo network!