Mental Health

In late 2020, I went to seek mental health support in the form of a psychoanalysis. A psychoanalysis aims at making the unconcious concious and thereby aids in improved mental health. As Freud – founder of psychoanalyis puts it ” unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” Because of this rich and yet challenging experince, I am able to share some of the insights and likewise can relate mental health to many of the topics discussed in the sustainabiltiy agenda, i.e. consumption, happiness, well-being, societies that thrive.

Below you will find a mix of topics that I have personally dealt with and topics that I have come across by working in various development sectors across the world in the field of Sustainable Development. While societies are often clustured into regions, language, and other factors, we are one society, one species that shares similiar ways of interacting with ourselves and others (communicating, thinking, feeling, ignoring, fighting, freezing, responding). Many of these topics are relevant, within ourselves, but also how we deal and interact with others. Some of these topics are difficult and I would like to aid in overcomming and discussing themes that tend to be stigmatized.

[in progress]