Turning sustainability, profitable yet social and ecological

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Very often we hear about CO2 in relation to sustainability or to substitute one material with the other. However, often its the interplay or changed behaviour that serves as foundation for sustainable development. Because I have been working in that field now for almost ten years, with a special interest in the social dimension, I look forward to share some of my thoughts here and also to engage in conversation. There is no blueprint to sustainability and that makes it exciting : )

What Vocabulary is Important for me?

The type of vocabulary important for you is the vocabulary that is important for you. No one can tell you, because only you know what vocabulary you need for your everyday life. At the same time, you probably don’t know it yourself, because you tend not to pre-plan vocabulary for the day. In contrast, vocabulary…

Let’s Talk about Burgers! – Business English Made Easy.

When a student for Business English signs up for my Business English Classes, they tend to expect „The Business-English“. So, for new students it can be a bit confusing to talk about general interests or what comes to mind. Like I mentioned in other posts, my students can talk about what comes to mind, because…

The role of Ideals in learning a Second Language

Often we compare our language to an ideal language and the greater the comparison, the more we feel that the foreign language already spoken is not good enough. The greater the ideal, the larger the gap of feeling inadequate. Such a gap creates insecurities and through these insecurities, fear arises. If this gap is reduced,…

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